First Light GrassFed Wagyu Beef from New Zealand

First Light GrassFed Wagyu Beef from New Zealand

January 28, 2018 0 Comments

The First Light Wagyu Producer Group is a band of pioneers. They did the unthinkable and took Wagyu cattle out of their pens and raised them on grass. It hasn’t been easy, but being a pioneer never is. The result of all their hard work is the most extraordinarily tender, marbled grass-fed beef, which beef experts all over the world are describing as the best grass-fed beef in the world.

What our tasting panel has said: 

"The best steak I've ever had"
"The Flavour is out of this world it brings Beef to a new level"


About Firstlight 100% Grassfed Wagyu Beef:

  • Real 100% grassfed (third-party verified)
  • 100% raised on green pastures
  • Wagyu breed, yielding finely marbled meat
  • Minimal travel time to abattoir
  • Slaughtered at temple grandin-approved abattoir
  • GMO-free (third-party verified)
  • Raised without added antibiotics or hormones
  • Halal certified
  • High in omega 3’s, CLS's & Vitamin A
  • Imported Fresh, never frozen